A beautiful phase of life but too young to cope up!

Plenty of physical and emotional changes and additional burdens of proving herself with demanding career needs,peer as well as parental pressures.

She needs proper nurturing, understanding and guidance !

We at Patankar Hospital will guide you how to help this bud bloom into a flower.


Adolescence is the period when a little carefree girl is changing into an attractive and responsible young woman. This is the stage where she is confused and embarrassed with the developmental milestones which are causing physical as well as psychological changes in her. This the time when everyone should give her confidence.

Changes occurring during adolescence.

Physical changes :

The puberty or the growth spurt involves sequence of maturational steps. It usually starts with the enlargement of the Breast, followed by the appearance of axillary and pubic hair and ultimately the monthly periods.This may also be associated with acne (pimples) and body odour

Periods /menses :

Periods or menses is the cyclic bleeding occurring in a woman. It usually starts at 12 years of age.For the first few years the periods may be irregular.

Psychological changes :

This is the phase where the girl looks grown-up physically but is still child-like mind-wise or emotionally. One can notice the following changes in her :

  • The realization of self.
  • To throw “Tantrums” - Action more than words .
  • May think that the advice, suggestions or opinions of the parents as interference.
  • Spend more time to groom herself or external appearance.

Common problems during adolescence


Colicky pain in lower abdomen at the time of menses is called as dysmenorrhoea.This is due to the contractions of the uterine muscles and can be relieved with the tablets( antispasmodics).Severe cases may need treatment from a gynecologist.

Obesity :

This has become a common problem in today’s generation of adolescence. This is mainly because of the 2 reasons- lack of exercise and faulty eating habits. The explainations are - too busy to do the exercise ( attending college, schools, private tuitions, studying),peer pressures, easy availability and accessibility and also affordability for junk food.

When to consult a doctor :

  • In case of heavy periods (need to change sanitary napkins every 1-2 hours).
  • In case of prolonged bleeding i.e. more than 7 days.
  • If the gap between two periods is more than 2 months.
  • If there is any form of abnormal vaginal discharge - curdy white ,yellow, blood stained.
  • In case of irregular periods.

Sex education / counselling

Considering the changes in the lifestyle and the exposure today’s youth is getting it is very important to counsel this generation about sex.

At Patankar Hospital we have the best counselors for counseling the adolescent age groups.