1. Adolescent Health :

    The girls are confused with so many changes in them and mothers may be apprehensive about what to tell! Come and have a relaxing counseling session at Patankar Hospital. We assure to make your daughter aware and comfortable with everything stored ahead in her life.

  2. Premarital Counseling :

    You are getting married and have lots of queries in your mind as well as apprehension! You want to adjust your period dates which are falling right during the wedding days and also want to know about the contraception! Come alone or with your partner and every doubt regarding the marital issues will be cleared at Patankar Hospital.

  3. Preconceptional Counseling :

    It is good to plan a pregnancy. More n more couples are now planning a pregnancy. At Patankar Hospital, a detailed counseling is done pre-pregnancy treatment is advised including the vaccinations which will make your pregnancy safer.

  4. Antenatal Counseling :

    This is meant for the women with high risk pregnancy. No doubt every pregnancy is special but high risk pregnancy is the one associated with certain conditions complicating the pregnancy putting the mother and the unborn child at an extra risk, indicating extra care and attention.

  5. Postnatal Counseling :

    This is done usually after the delivery. It includes breast feeding, baby care, care of the mother and exercises so that you are at ease and do not feel the responsibility as a burden!

  6. Contraceptive Counseling :

    A woman is in need of contraception during different phases of her life! Immediately after the marriage to postpone the pregnancy or after delivery to space her children and of course after completion of family and not to forget now-a-days even before the marriage!

    It is always a good practice to use a contraceptive rather than undergoing MTP!

    At Patankar Hospital, we shall guide you regarding the various choices of contraceptives available and the best suitable for you at that period of life so that you can choose yourself!

  7. Menopause :

    Counseling of women around the menopausal age includes mainly the importance of healthy lifestyle including the exercise, diet and supplementary medication if any, so that she welcomes this phase of her life with a happy face!

  8. Nutrition :

    Want to reduce weight or suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure or any other medical condition? Come along with your reports and our nutritionist will design a diet suitable for you.