Happy yet confused?

Our team of experts will answer all your queries, solve all your doubts. Patankar Hospital brings to you, Anetnatal class for the first trimester, where our able team of clinicians, dieticians, psychologists and counsellors will cover all aspects of a holistic pregnancy care. This class will be conducted for our registered patients once a month, and will be free of cost!

Contact the Reception Desk at the earliest to book your seat!

Once you register at Patankar Hospital for your delivery then care is taken to provide you with the best of care and treatment.

We conduct antenatal sessions to make sure that the mother and the baby remain in the healthy state throughout the pregnancy,during delivery and even after that.


Every 1st and 3rd Thursday there will be a 2hrs session from 4pm -6pm.This includes the information about pregnancy,thesymptoms you expect and the care you should take during the first 3 months.It will also include the guidence by a dietician regarding the diet you should follow and by a physiotherapist regarding the exercises you should do during the first 3 months to keep yourself fit and healthy.


There is a series of 8 sessions which will include the details of pregnancy,delivery,diet and exercises.