Patient’s Name: Deepa Verma

We got married in 1996. We had undergone so many treatments, but not succeeded in any of it. In 2007, we met Dr. Amit Patankar Dr. Amit sir gave us confidence. Dr. Amit told us about ICSI and on 18 February 2009 we did ICSI as per sir’s advice. We got a pretty girl on 18 October 2009. We and our family members are really very happy. We are really very grateful to Dr. Amit Patankar sir from bottom of our heart. He filled happiness in our non happening life. We are very much impressed by the friendly behavior of Dr. Amit Patankar sir and of course by the staff of the hospital. We will always pray for your goodness.

Thank You.

Patient’s Name: Shweta Amit Jawakar

My Angel were born on 27.1.2016, just a year back I met Dr. Amit Patankar & Dr. Leena Patankar. I just want to say the job they do is most amazing but more that that there is an Emotional Touch to it. Thank You would not enough for what this place “PATANKAR Foundation “ has done for Shweta and myself.

All staff fright from security personnel do their job really well.

Lastly Thank You for giving our "Angels" we surely spread the word "Patankar Foundation Rocks".

Patient’s Name: Dr. Savita Vikram Singh

First of all I like to thank God and Dr. Amit Patankar without sir’s motivation and support it was not enough to undergo treatment. Thought out the treatment Sir was very positive and polite. On 15th March 2016, Tuesday. I deliver beautiful daughter. Most happiest moment of my life and of my family. Not only sir, but his staff is also very efficient and caring. Once again thank You Sir and Thank Patankar Nursing Home.

Patient’s Name: Mrs. Swati Patil

The hospital staff is really good and helpful. I got quick service from everyone in the hospital especially when I was in initial stage of labor pain & I was not able to go through the pains. I decided to go for (epidural) painless delivery and within 10 -15 min I was feeling better as specialist reached the hospital. The delivery was really a good experience for me. Everyday doctors used to come for check –ups & it was never delayed nor slipped. Nurses and Mawashi’s were also helpful and available all the time. There is one suggestion that food quality can be improved a little bit. Finally I would like to thank Dr. Amit Patankar, for giving me such a nice treatment.

Patient’s Name: Mrs. Sonail Ghai

We could be not much happier to receive such a wonderful service in a nursing Home. As we have received now. Moment of child Birth is Priceless and people here are sensitive to that and hence makes your stay comfortable. You don't have to enquire or question much as most of the routine and attention resolves your doubt’s, In any hospital you have to trust the doctor’s and the staff and it they fill your trust you would fill satisfied and we our family are fully satisfied & Happy. Thank You and we wish all of you happiness.

Patient’s Name: Prajakta Ankush Moghe

This is our 2nd time visit to PNH & as expected it has been a very amazing experience. They say that having children in one’s life is experiencing heaven. In that essence PNH has been a messiah to us.

The confidence of Dr. Amit gives to the patient cannot be out in words!!

We have heard always about family doctor. But I am proud to say that we have PNH as or family hospital. A Big salute to all support staff as well.