A confusing phase in a woman’s life when she is emotionally vulnerable, insecure because of losing fertility & other changes accompanying menopause & apprehensive about the possible risks associated with the increasing age like cancer,osteoporosis,etc.

We at Patankar Hospital will help you age gracefully so that you feel the BEST at 40!


Menopause is the term used when there is permanent cessation of menses (monthly periods) at the end of the reproductive life. This occurs due to decline in the ovarian function of a woman and is as natural as menarche i.e. beginning of the menses.

A woman is said to have attained menopause only when she fails to get her menses spontaneously for 12 months consecutively.

The age of menopause ranges between 45 - 55 yrs, average being 50 yrs. This age does not depend upon the age of menarche or age at last pregnancy. Also, it is not related to no. of pregnancies, use of contraceptives, height, weight, etc.

Changes Accompanying Menopause

Hormonal changes :

Two hormones, namely, Estrogen & Progesterone,govern not only the reproductive system but also other systems of a woman. After menopause, there is a decline in these hormones affecting not only the menstrual pattern but also other systems & organs of the woman & responsible for various symptoms of menopause.


Counseling :

Every woman attaining the menopause should know about the changes & the facts about the menopause & also reassured & understood especially by the family members. This only will remove fears and anxiety, depression and sleepiness.

Diet :

Nutritious diet balanced with calcium and proteins is helpful.

Exercise :

Regular exercise not only keeps the increasing weight in check but also improves bone mass and psychomotor symptoms. Weight bearing exercises, jogging, walking help,although should be guided by an expert.

Vit. D :

Supplements of Vit. D3 are must along with the calcium. This will reduce osteoporosis and fractures.

Indulgence :

In smoking and alcohol should be reduced.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: (HRT) :

Not all the women attaining menopause need HRT. This is helpful in women to get relief from various menopausal symptoms, to prevent osteoporosis and to maintain the quality of life.

We at Patankar Hospital will decide the most suitable therapy for you as it has to be tailor- made for every woman.